Soda Blasting – Some Common Questions Asked By Our Customers

Is the material used in Soda Blasting the same as that used in bread making?

It is the same product specially formulated into crystals which explode into dust particles on impact.

Does the soda used in Soda Blasting cause any damage at all?

Soda has a PH value of 8.2. This makes it benign, safe for water courses, it is also non-toxic and is found in many foodstuffs. Used in concentration, it may cause some browning on grass and flower beds.

Can Soda Blasting be used to remove and clean away chewing gum?

Soda Blasting is an excellent solution for the removal and cleaning of chewing gum. Normal jet washing only spreads the gum and leaves unsightly stains.

My current house was built in the 18th century and is constructed of sandstone. I am concerned that blasting will remove the face of the stone and allow water to penetrate the fabric of the building, is this likely?

This can happen with some forms of blasting but Soda Blasting takes off the grime, leaving the stonework looking like new without affecting the weathering properties of the substrate.

I have a box van and the box is made of aluminium. The paintwork is peeling and bubbling, can the paintwork be safely stripped by Soda Blasting?

Aluminium is a very soft material and care has to be taken when stripping old paintwork but Soda Blasting is the ideal process for this kind of work. Aesthetic Services have stripped many such vehicles back to the bare metal, leaving the surface undamaged and looking like new.

Is it true that a classic car engine can be blasted without the need to remove pipes and seals? I am worried that the bearings and other soft materials may be damaged.

Soda is a soluble material, so Soda Blasting is the ideal process for cleaning and degreasing engine blocks without causing damage to pipework and bearings. Aesthetic Services have recently blasted engine blocks for a manufacturer.

I run a construction company and a recent contract is the refurbishing of an old bank building and turning it into apartments. The entrance doors are solid wood and extremely heavy, can they be blasted in situ or will they need to be removed for blasting?

They can certainly be blasted in situ. They will probably have many coats of varnish and Soda Blasting will gently remove the coating layer by layer to leave a perfect surface ready for re-staining and varnishing.

My company run a fleet of HGV tankers. The tanks are constructed in stainless steel and they are covered in bitumen. Is this something you can clean?

Certainly, cleaning bitumen of the tank bodies can be done by Soda Blasting. Aesthetic Services have undertaken this type of project many times and the results will certainly surprise you.

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