Manchester Soda Blasting Contract

Manchester Soda Blasting Contract At Manchester Airport

Aesthetic Services have been awarded a major Manchester soda blasting contract. The contract is for cleaning aircraft parts ready for aircraft refurbishment at Manchester Airport.

After successful trials at the airport, on critical components on commercial aircraft, where the surface areas can’t be altered, the Aesthetic Services Manchester soda blasting contract has been approved.

Aesthetic Services, using the very latest soda blasting equipment, successfully blast cleaned paint and residues from the Boeing 737 airplane seat frames. Previous methods of blasting would have made this impossible.

Soda Blasting

Boeing 737 Aircraft Seats

Using non toxic soda crystals blasted at high velocity, paint was removed from aero grade alloys where surface tension is critical to within a few microns.

This process was also successfully used to strip several layers of paint from internal cabin plastics and carbon fibre components. This returned the surface areas to their original condition for re-painting.

The soda blasting process has little heat build up and will not warp critical components. Mechanical mechanisms almost impossible to access were also blast cleaned, removing dirt and grease deposits. The result meant it left a totally clean area ready for inspection and refurbishment.

With the holiday season shortly coming to an end, this will be a busy period for Aesthetic Services. It is expected that the Aesthetic Services team will be busy helping to prepare over 60 commercial aircraft this winter on this Manchester soda blasting contract, making the aircraft ready for the holiday season next year.

Aesthetic Services are currently constructing a purpose made blast facility in Ashton-under- Lyne, Tameside. This is due to the increasing demand for it’s off site blasting services. Aesthetic Services already operate two state of the art mobile blast units capable of tackling the most demanding of tasks.

Despite the large Manchester soda blasting contract Aesthetic Services are available for additional contracts in the North West. If you would like to take advantage of our competitive soda blasting services then contact Aesthetic Services on 0800 772 3139 or use the Contact Form

Manchester Soda Blasting

Manchester Soda Blasting On A New Prestigious Development

Aesthetic Services Manchester Soda Blasting contracts recently involved soda blasting a prestigious 4.8 million pound development that had mortar stains on the brickwork. This was due to some freak weather conditions shortly before the building was being handed over to the client.

Manchester Soda BlastingThe building had £700,000 worth of tinted, self cleaning windows, together with cream brickwork. The mortar stains had set solid on the cream brickwork and looked almost impossible to remove but thanks to Aesthetic Service’s professional technicians this Manchester Soda Blasting contract was finished to the full satisfaction of the main contractor.

Aesthetic services used one and a half tons of soda crystals on this Manchester Soda Blasting contract to blast clean the building back to its original condition. This was achieved without damaging windows or window seals. The huge building had over half a million bricks in the structure and this Manchester Soda Blasting contract was completed by Aesthetic Services in only 8 days.

Manchester Soda BlastingThe main contractors, who had also built the famous Beetham tower in Manchester, took the picture of Aesthetic Services putting in the finishing touches to save the day.

Soda Blasting is safe, non-toxic, quicker, cost effective, non destructive and environmentally friendly. Soda Blasting can be carried out in a fraction of the time of other blasting processes. It is suitable for graffiti removal, building and masonry cleaning. Sand Blasting using silica sand, which is now an illegal process, also caused damage to the treated surface, unlike Soda Blasting which is now the most widely used process.

If you would like to take advantage of our highly popular and competitive Manchester Soda Blasting service then contact Aesthetic Services on 0800 772 3139 or use the Contact Form

Aesthetic Services carry out Soda Blasting contracts in Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Tameside, Rochdale, Salford, Trafford, Bury, Bolton, Wigan and all areas of the North West.