Aerospace – Where Safety & Critical Components Matter

Aerospace is an industry where safety and critical components are a matter of utmost importance.

When cleaning airplane parts, today’s Aerospace industry requires the latest in technology as well as an awareness of environmental concerns. Not only are chemical strippers and sanding a slow process but they can also often result in toxic and expensive clean ups as well. Soda Blasting removes all coatings and is the most environmentally suitable solution for the Aerospace industry because only water is needed to clean up afterwards. Additionally, there are no size limits for parts being stripped and no prewashing or masking is required. Baking soda is the only blasting material that can be removed by simply rinsing with water. Baking soda has a benign nature, a low pH and water solubility all of which have contributed to its success as a blasting material and preferred use on critical and high value components.

Aviation implies safety at its best with critical components that are delicate to refurbish. Aesthetic Services Aerospace Division incorporates the very latest soda stripping techniques, removing coatings and paint from aluminium, fibreglass, carbon fibre, and the latest composites.

This is all carried out without harming the underlying substrate . Where surface tension matters on critical components, stripping sometimes needs to be accurate to within microns.

Aesthetic Services operate from purpose built blast facilities and have portable onsite units available on request.

Soda Blasting North West

Aerospace Soda Blasting

Having safely helped to refurbish aircraft for some of the worlds biggest airlines, you can see why Aesthetic services are the number one choice in the North West for critical Aerospace blasting techniques.

Aesthetic Services offer a 24 hour call out service for immediate remedial services. If you would like to speak to someone in person please call the Freephone number 0800 772 3139 and ask for Mike Fielding, head of special projects. Alternatively, use the contact form here.