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Food Industry Soda Blasting – The Perfect Solution

Food Industry Soda Blasting РWhat better product to use in situations where toxic or wet applications are not permitted or possible. Aesthetic Services only blast with soda that is of food grade quality. Food Industry Soda Blasting can be used in areas where electrical equipment is present, so downtime is saved.

Food Industry Soda BlastingCleaning food preparation areas with antibacterial disinfectants will only kill micro organisms on the dirty surface. Food Industry Soda Blasting is rated as an A1 cleaner in food preparation areas. It cleans deep down removing oils, grease and carbons, all of which harbour germs and bacteria. Even if you have¬†ovens, grates or restaurant equipment that haven’t been fully cleaned in years, then Soda Blasting is the process that can clean your food processing equipment fast, thoroughly, and effectively.

The North West food industry is now a cleaner place thanks to Aesthetic Services. Soda Blasting deodorises as it cleans. Nothing else will clean food processing equipment to such a high standard and as extensively as Soda Blasting. With a PH value of 8.2, benign soda can simply be washed away or swept up.

The food industry uses stainless steel extensively in all food preparation areas and also for storing food stuffs. From fridges to freezers, ducting to extraction systems, they all need deep cleaning. Until now blasting was never an option as it would tarnish stainless steel. Soda crystals crumble on impact leaving stainless remarkable clean and sanitised. Areas with moving components, such as conveyor systems need not be shut down during the cleaning process as soda will not damage seals and bearings. So your downtime is again minimalised, meaning a financial saving for your company.

If you would like to take advantage of our highly popular Food Industry Soda Blasting service then contact Aesthetic Services on 0800 772 3139 or use the Contact Form.

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