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Heritage and Architectural Soda Blasting Structural Restoration

Heritage and Architectural Soda Blasting is now the preferred method of cleaning listed buildings. Looking after the nations many grade 1 and grade 2 listed building is a major project. In most cases Soda Blasting is specified by Architects and Surveyors as the best and safest way to conserve and restore projects to their original condition.

Heritage And Architectural Soda Blasting Before & AfterWater ingress can be a particular problem on older properties. Stonework can become very porous and damp, creating its own problems, especially where woodwork is in contact with it. Heritage and Architectural Soda Blasting will blast dry both internally and externally on stonework, woodwork and stained glass.

The product has a PH value of 8.2, it is benign, non toxic and ECO friendly. Traditional methods of cleaning monuments such as sand blasting, wears down the substrate dramatically and removes the hardened surface, accelerating the wear process.

In trained hands Soda Blasting produces amazing results when stripping century old varnish and paint from hard woods.

Chemical cleaning agents such as acids, react with stonework and brickwork, causing damage and can leave harmful residues behind. Even water used under low pressure soaks masonry, can cause surface staining and surface efflorescence (salt crystallisation). In the worst cases it can lead to the decay of stonework and brickwork.

Traditionally bronze and other metal sculptures were cleaned using toxic chemicals. This often leached into the supporting stonework or marble below, causing permanent damage and discolouring. Heritage and Architectural Soda Blasting does not cause these problems and will help to preserve the substrates lifespan.

Soda Blasting is now considered the only safe solution to effectively clean and remove masonry staining, limescale build up, rusting, effervescence and other coatings. Soda Blasting was developed to clean the Statue of Liberty because it is the ultimate non toxic solution for cleaning –  “A commercial grade bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), manufactured by Arm & Hammer was donated and applied as the cleaning agent that would be abrasive yet gentle on the copper sheathing.”

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