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Industrial and Commercial Soda Blasting Cleaning and Maintenance

Industrial and Commercial Soda Blasting is a non-sparking, non toxic process ideal for this market. The blast equipment used by Aesthetic Services is cutting edge technology and is also setting industry standards.

The blast hoses and blast head are all anti-static, a feature essential in most industrial applications. The blasting process is used by Aesthetic Services in the gas and petrochemical industries, where stringent health and safety protocols and standards must be complied with for safe blasting.

Manchester Soda BlastingThe blast pot we use surpasses the certificate meeting European pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC. Not only is the blast pot certificated but also are all the pressure valves on the machinery we operate. In Industrial and Commercial Soda Blasting the plant machinery cleaned can be safely stripped down to bare metal for repainting. There is no necessity to remove or cover components such as hydraulic rams and seals.

This can mean a saving of downtime and therefore costs as well. Industrial and Commercial Soda Blasting will remove grease and clean engineering equipment, leaving the surface tension unbroken.

Soda blasting is at its best removing carbon deposits from exterior surfaces, as well as chewing gum from shopping centres and retail units.

Whether your premises are a factory, warehouse or retail store most companies are aware of their brand image. In today’s highly competitive markets, it’s extremely importance that your image makes a good first¬†impression.¬†First impressions do count and much business is lost due to a poor first impression. It may seem like stating the obvious but your brand and image needs to look as good as it performs.

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