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Transport and Marine Soda Blasting – The Ideal Solution

Transport and Marine Soda Blasting is the ideal solution for the cleaning of vehicles and boats in these environmentally unfriendly industries .

Repainting of vehicles can be a time consuming, labour intensive and costly task. Many vehicle panels are now made of aluminium, carbon fibre and thin steel. This made it impossible to blast as sand blasting warps vehicle panels through the heat it generates and damages aluminium and fibre. With Transport and Marine Soda Blasting the soda crystals explode on impact leaving the surface tension untouched.

Transport and Marine Soda BlastingA fine film is left on the metal afterwards which suppresses rust for two to three weeks, if painting isn’t an immediate option. Transport and Marine Soda Blasting does not affect or damage glass, rubber and wiring looms. This means a saving in time and money. Aircraft parts, where surface tension is critical, are now regularly Soda Blasted.

In refurbishment, plant machinery can be stripped without the need to remove seals and hoses and there is now no need to mask up hydraulic rams, again saving time and money.

Aluminium is extensively used in the construction of trains, trams and wagons and can now be cleaned without any risk or the need to strip or remove glass.

Soda Blasting is now being used to remove old road markings in a clean, non damaging way. Previously burning away the old markings was not only toxic but damaged the underlying tarmac, paving the way for pot holes and water ingress.

Anti-fouling on a boat can be hard to remove. Many layers of paint and barnacles cling to the underside of the boat, affecting its performance. Traditionally this was removed by hand. Later on sand blasting took over, only to find it then added more down time to the project, as areas damaged by the blasting had to be repaired and sanded first.

Transport and Marine Soda Blasting is the answer to these problems. Marine craft can be blasted with water suppression and this saves many hours of labour in the final preparation before painting . Transport and Marine Soda Blasting will also clean and refurbish outdrives and propellers, chrome, brass and bronze fittings. This is a simple task without using any chemicals harmful to the marine environment.

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